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We offer various events such as monthly business mixers (multi-chamber or with other organizations), quarterly workshops and seminars, yearly Health Expo, Business Awards, and Holiday Party. We also participate in many local events.

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Reneh Studio was invited to prepare a video for OCIACC’s business awards luncheon in April 2017 and we became members at that time. Our work was recognized on all their social media sites. We started attending their business workshops and mixers and found out that everyone was very friendly and supportive of our business. We have been receiving referrals and doing business with most members as well as non-members that we have met at their events. We have also made many new friends and have had the opportunity to simply call few seasoned business owners for advise when needed. We highly recommend joining this organization and enjoy building new relationships.

Shahab Etteka

Owner |

InstantFigure Inc. owner met with Golden Caviar Skin Care owner via an introduction by OCIACC. The two companies built a great relationship that resulted in a business partnership a year later completing both business brands and customers. We are very pleased to be a member of OCIACC, one of the most honorable, successful organization in Orange country and we appreciate their insight and support..

Monir Jalili

Owner |

Rug Firm has been a member of OCIACC since 2016. We receive referrals from members as well as from the website directory. As a member, what we have enjoyed most is finding good businesses, meeting the owners and building relationships. I have been able to find trustworthy businesses to take care of my company’s needs. I am able to choose from people I have met and most likely have had the chance to visit their business. I have expanded my professional network by attending most of the business mixers and workshop and stepping in when they needed volunteers. I believe in supporting small businesses and enjoy having an Iranian American Chamber of Commerce to offer us a platform to meet, greet and do business together.

Sussan Saghei

Co-owner |

We moved to Orange County in 2017 from Texas to start a new business in Mission Viejo as a State Fam insurance agency. We had done our research and knew of most networking organizations in the area so once the office was set up we started looking at the local events.

OCIACC was on top of our list and after a few e-mail exchanges we decided to join the organization as members. In 2017 we also participated and purchased expo tables at their annual international summer mixer, the business health check expo and their November mixer. We are glad to be part of an extremely professional organization with such a diverse audience. Their events are well organized and well attended and we have quickly made many friends, inquiries and referrals. We hope to continue working with OCIACC and wish the organization more success.

Sima Mozaffari

State Farm Agent |

As an active member of OCIACC, I attend all their networking events. I was able to connect to one of the participants in need of an experienced international Realtor to sell her property in Costa Rica. The client was so excited that she found me and can take care of her real estate transaction remotely without her presence in Costa Rica. The participant became a client of mine and referred me to bunch of her friends.


Ali Bavafa

Real Estate & Mortgage Advisor |

I attended OCIACC’s holiday party in 2016 and found it to be a very wonderful networking experience. I met up with a few old acquaintances and re-connected. As a. result, we were able to do some work for them. OCIACC offers a very professional platform for business owners and professionals to meet and S.E.A.N Design team appreciates their efforts to bring people together to do business..


Shaahin Espahbodi

S.E.A.N Design & Development |

Solution21 has been an active OCIACC member and partner since 2017. We designed their new website and during this process, we realized how much they care about the quality of the work.
OCIACC’s events provide us a great opportunity not only to meet potential leads, but also to find the best candidates for employment. We have found some of most valuable employees in their events. .


Farid Parvini, Ph.D


I opened Laguna dental and orthodontics in January 2016. As with any new business, I was super busy hiring and training new staff. I was introduced to Shani Moslehi for marketing work. She came to my office and met with me and introduced me to OCIACC. I had only arrived in California few years earlier and back in Iran I never had to advertise for my practice! I wasn’t familiar with marketing let alone face to face networking. I joined the chamber and started attending their business workshops designed for small business.Read More.


Dr. Fariba Bigdeli

Dentist |

Golden Caviar Skin Care was nominated for OCIACC’s business of the year in April 2017. I had the opportunity to attend the event and meet so many great business people and listen to wonderful speakers. I was honored to receive the award, meet Irvine’s mayor and other county officials who had come out to meet with nominees and support the organization. I have since met many great people and made new business partners.


Pooneh Manshadii

President/CEO |

IACC has been very instrumental in the Iranian American community. They are very engaged with businesses and my personal experience is, Shani and all the members have supported me and our company in all aspect of making sure we grow our business. The chamber events are positive and informative and joyful. Thank you for all you do.


Safa Movassaghi

Owner |

03-17-2024 OCIACC Nowruz Festival & Market
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July 20, 2023: OCIACC 8th Anniversary

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